What Does BSC stand for?

B - Bible S - Survival C - Combat The three main topics we teach and train our recruits in.

Are the Instructors Certified and Trained in Their Teaching?

Can Fathers Come, Participate or Help with the Camp?

Will There Be Chaperones At the Camp?

How Long Do Camps Run?

What Denomination Are You Affiliated With?

What Bible Version Do You Use? What is Your Doctrinal Statement?

Why Isn't the Exact Adress Posted On the Website?

When Does the Confirmation Email Get Sent?

Will My Son Be Fed and Taken Care Of?

Can My Son Still Come If He Has Pollen, Food or Animal Allergies?

Can My Son Bring Additional Items Not Listed On the Packlist?

Have You Received My Email?

My Son Is Younger Than The Minimum Age, Can He Come?