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Young ladies in the WILDERNESS of

Middle Tennessee!

 As culture rages with confusion, and false identity. 

 The wilderness is calling for a new generation of Godly Young Women who

know their identity in CHRIST! 



The BSC course is running a very unique training event for motivated young ladies!


This event will be held in the WILDERNESS of middle Tennessee.

June 12th-16th. 2024.


This training event is for the young woman or girl, who wishes to grow in their identity in God, while becoming a skilled and prepared woman. Learning self defense, survival skills, and more than anything knowledge of what the Bible says about courageous womanhood. 


This training course is a life-changing event! It pushes the young ladies to their physical limits while building up their spiritual calling.


BSC is not for everyone, it is for the young lady longing for something more.  BSC is a hardcore missionary training course. It is for the hard core, motivated, mature, young ladies that want to be pushed to their full potential. It is for those who don't fit into normal Christian circles but want to discover Biblical courageous womanhood. Are you into being feminine with some godly grit? Do you want to be pushed to your full potential? Do you enjoy being physically challenged? Do you want to discover God's mission for your life? Are you dissatisfied with "status quo"? Do hard core missionary stories fill your heart with longing? Then BSC is probably for you!


*This course is led by Claire & Zadok Johnson along with their FEMALE ONLY staff team.*

Ages 13 - 20

This course covers the following topics:


  • Women of the Bible

  • Scripture memorization 

  • Living a life of vision

  • The gospel 

  • Purity

  • Driving tent pegs (courage)

  • Living a life of faith

  • Using your emotions as your strength not your weakness

  • Discipleship ​

  • The prepared woman

  • Hearing the voice of God

  • Overcoming fear


  • Cold weather survival

  • Jungle survival

  • Desert survival

  • Urban survival 

  • Shelter building

  • Fire making 

  • Obtaining food

  • Essential gear

  • Navigation 

  • Water purification 

  • Wilderness feminine hygiene

  • Knots


  • Personal protection 

  • 3rd generation night vision training

  • Firearms safety 

  • Rapid critical thinking

  • Missionary perspectives

  • High-risk missions

  • Escaping capture and saving others

  • Traumatic injuries

  • Young child care

  • Emergency childbirth

  • Suturing

  • Patient care

Find the recruit pack list HERE.

Food, camp shelter, training and curriculum materials, will be provided.


Drop off and BSC registration, will be held on Wednesday. June 12th.

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Recruits will check in at the registration table out front. BSC recommends recruits come with a pre-packed lunch, along with the recruit pack list items. 

Recruits will be training in the woods Wednesday through Sunday. 


Sunday morning BSC staff will lead the recruits in their own worship service.

After the BSC Sunday morning service, they will prepare for graduation!

The BSC course will end with an official graduation ceremony.

Held Sunday afternoon, June 16th. at 1:30 p.m.

The recruits entire family and close friends are invited to this special graduation ceremony.



Less than two hours outside of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Exact location will be given after application is accepted. 


Course Cost:

The training put forth in this event, is valued at $1,500.

We wish to make this incredible event, available to as many as possible.

Total Tuition Cost:


How to Apply:

To apply for the course please fill out the form below. THE RECRUIT MUST FILL IT OUT. Each applicate in required to have one non family member reference, and submit a video explaining why they want to come to BSC. After reviewing the application we will get back to you within 1-2 weeks. 

If you have an questions feel free to contact us:



Not everyone that applies for this course will be accepted. We want to make sure that BSC is the correct fit for everyone who comes through, hence we have created a thorough application process.  There are only 30 total spots available in this training so make sure to apply ASAP to get a spot. THE RECRUIT MUST FILL OUT THE APPLICATION NOT THE PARENT.
Young Ladies Intensive Application
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Thank you for applying! We will be touch with you soon!

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